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Key & Lockbox Information

Supra DisplayKEYs:

Your Supra DisplayKEY currently needs to be updated weekly using your cradle.  A manual eSYNC can be performed at any time to update your DisplayKEY and upload showing activity into the Supra (KIM) network.  To perform a manual eSYNC, do the following:

How to Update by Performing a Manual eSYNC:

1.  Press ENTER to turn your DisplayKEY on.
2.  Using the bottom left down arrow key, scroll to the MANUAL ESYNC menu option and press ENTER.
3.  The key will now direct you to place it in the cradle.  Place your DisplayKEY in the cradle.

The cradle light will turn green, indicating that the DisplayKEY has connected to the cradle.  The light will then turn red, indicating that the cradle has connected with Supra.  When the process is complete the cradle light turns green and the DisplayKEY status is displayed on the screen.  You can now remove the key from the cradle.

Performing a Manual eSYNC is the fastest way to update your DisplayKEY.  You can also update your DisplayKEY by calling KIM Voice at 1-888-968-4032 or KIM Support at 1-877-699-6787.

Please note that it is an MLS violation to lend or share your Supra DisplayKEY.

DisplayKEY Guide: http://www.silvar.org/userfiles/file/DisplayKeyQuickStart.pdf

Supra eKEYs:

With eKEY software, you can use your smartphone as your lockbox key. Choose from many different iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile devices. eKEY updates wirelessly so you can do business anywhere.  Click here for a complete list of compatible phones.

Two service levels are available:

1. eKEY Basic for basic keybox functions.   What is eKEY Basic?

2. eKEY Professional, which enhances the basic functions with business tools such as MLS data in your phone, linking the listings to Google maps, and delivering showing details to your phone.  What is eKEY Professional?

Certain phones may require a small adapter to communicate with some lockboxes. Learn more here:  eKEY Hardware

For more information please visit : eKEY Home

Supra Lockboxes

Operational Instructions:

  1. When prompted, point the DisplayKEY directly at the infrared lens located on the iBox.
    For best results, the distance between your Key and the iBox should be within one foot. In direct sunlight you may need to shade the area between the Key and the iBox or place the Key right next to the iBox.
  2. Wait for the completion tones before breaking the connection between your Key and iBox.
  3. After a few seconds, the key container unlocks.
  4. Press up on the bottom of the key container within 30 seconds to remove the key container from the iBox. After 30 seconds the key container relocks.
  5. When you replace the key container hold the compartment with the keys facing you.
  6. Insert the key container into the bottom of the iBox.
  7. Push up on the key container until it closes.

•iBox BT
The iBox BT uses Bluetooth® or infrared technology to communicate with Supra keys. The iBox BT can be accessed using Supra eKEY®, ActiveKEY®, or DisplayKEY®.

The iBox uses infrared technology to communicate withSupra keys. The iBox can be accessed using a Supra eKEY®, ActiveKEY®, or DisplayKEY®.


Other Useful Supra Links:

Supra Website: www.supraekey.com

Supra Key/Lockbox Training Site:  http://www.supraekey.com/CustomerSupport/Pages/CustomerSupport.aspx

Supra Web Guide: http://www.silvar.org/userfiles/file/SupraWebGuide.pdf





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