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REALTOR(R): Halloween Home Safety Tips from REALTORS(R)

Monday, October 20, 2014
As children in the neighborhood get ready for Halloween, homeowners are preparing too. In addition to buying treats for the youngsters, many homeowners like to decorate their home – inside and outside, with festive Halloween decorations. Homeowners can make the experience fun and safe for everyone by following these home safety tips recommended by the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS(R):
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REALTOR(R): 2015 California Housing Market Forecast sees more inventory, slight increase in sales, slower price gains

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
With fewer investors in the market and more homes for sale, stay tuned for a return of traditional homebuyers, as home sales rise modestly and prices flatten out in 2015. The 2015 Housing Market forecast released by the California Association of REALTORS(R) (C.A.R.) was also presented to the state's REALTORS(R) who gathered this week in Anaheim for the California REALTOR(R) Expo.
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REALTOR(R): Mortgage experts tell Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) to expect an amazing year

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Mortgage industry officials say the Bay Area's economy is growing in leaps and bounds. They expect the growth to continue for at least two to three years.
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REALTORS(R) share safety tips with sellers

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Many hearts in the REALTOR(R) community are heavy as they mourn the recent loss of one of their own. Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter was found dead a few days after she was missing following a home showing. A suspect in Carter's disappearance who admitted to her kidnapping has been arrested.
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REALTOR(R): California pending home sales lose steam in August

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
The California Association of REALTORS(R) (C.A.R.) this week reported pending home sales in the state were down for the fifth straight month in August. Rising home prices are impacting housing affordability, but have contributed to the share of distressed home sales in the state falling to as low as 2 percent and 1 percent in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, respectively.
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REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) alerted to hot real estate issues in D.C.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
As leading advocates for homeownership on the Peninsula and in the South Bay, members of the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS(R) (SILVAR) keep track of local, state and national issues that affect homeownership and private property rights. This month REALTORS(R) were alerted to issues being explored by lawmakers in Washington, D.C. that could affect homeowners.
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REALTOR(R): Low interest rates fail to spark August home sales

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
The latest report from the California Association of REATORS(R) (C.A.R.) indicates August was a slow month for housing in most parts of the state, despite low interest rates and a slight rise in inventory.
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REALTOR(R): Study shows homeownership still a great way to build wealth

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
According to a Federal Reserve survey, homeownership declined in a span of three years from 67.3 percent of families owning a primary residence in 2010 to 65.2 percent in 2013. Yet the same study shows home owners are building more net worth than renters.
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09/17/2014 »REALTOR(R): Study shows homeownership still a great way to build wealth
09/10/2014 »REALTOR(R): Grads with loans need 34 percent more income to buy median-priced home
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09/03/2014 »New .REALTOR top-level domain available Oct. 23 to REALTORS(R)
09/03/2014 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) offer safety tips to secure your home
09/02/2014 »September is Realtor Safety Month: Realtors issue safety tips for home sellers
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08/27/2014 »REALTORS(R) advise homeowners to follow earthquake safety measures
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08/20/2014 »REALTOR(R): Investors focus on more remote areas to find deals
08/20/2014 »REALTOR(R): California home sales higher in July
08/13/2014 »REALTOR(R): Second quarter housing affordability falls statewide
08/13/2014 »REALTOR(R): Fewer California households underwater
08/06/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley communities hit record $1 million-plus home sales
08/06/2014 »REALTOR(R): AREAA Mega Luxury Real Estate Summit attracts over 200 real estate professionals
07/30/2014 »REALTOR(R): Equity sales make up more than 90 percent of all home sales in June
07/30/2014 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) asked to help prevent real estate fraud
07/23/2014 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) learn pending issues in Sacramento
07/23/2014 »REALTOR(R): Homeowners planning home improvements in the next six months
07/16/2014 »California home sales get a boost in June
07/16/2014 »REALTOR(R): More buyer interest in energy upgrades
07/07/2014 »Innovation, creativity drive Silicon Valley's housing market success, according to SVLG CEO
07/07/2014 »Low inventory continues to impact home sales in June
07/01/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) soon to gain access to real estate developments worldwide
07/01/2014 »REALTOR(R): More consumers turning to social media in home buying process
06/25/2014 »REALTOR(R): City officials tell REALTORS(R) Palo Alto wrestling with ‘unintended consequences of success'
06/25/2014 »REALTOR(R): Equity home sales near 90 percent of the California housing market in May
06/18/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) issue wire fraud alert
06/18/2014 »REALTOR(R): California's home sales temper in May
06/11/2014 »REALTOR(R): Survey finds millennials not ready to forego certain luxuries for home ownership
06/11/2014 »REALTOR(R): Lack of home construction could negatively impact affordability
06/04/2014 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) learn challenges schools face due to growing student population
06/04/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) presents scholarships to high school seniors
05/28/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) take real estate issues to Congress
05/28/2014 »REALTORS(R): Share of distressed home sales lowest in Silicon Valley
05/21/2014 »REALTOR(R): Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac won't cut loan limits
05/21/2014 »REALTOR(R): Hilltop home views outrank water-front views according to California luxury client survey
05/14/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) help seniors with household tasks
05/14/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley continues to see double-digit rise in home prices
05/07/2014 »REALTOR(R): Off-MLS listings debated at Silicon Valley REALTORS(R)' meeting
05/07/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) in Sacramento for ‘Legislative Day'
04/23/2014 »REALTOR(R): Aging population calls for development of more walkable urban neighborhoods, according to former county planner
04/23/2014 »REALTOR(R): Increase in March pending home sales an encouraging sign for spring housing market
04/16/2014 »REALTOR(R): March sees gains in median price, sales and inventory
04/16/2014 »REALTOR(R): Law requiring water conservation plumbing fixtures in effect for major home projects
04/09/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) stress fair housing for all
04/09/2014 »REALTOR(R): For-Sale-By-Owner sales decline as home selling gets more complex
04/02/2014 »Landscape of California's distressed housing market dramatically changed in 5 years
04/02/2014 »Silicon Valley going ‘gangbusters'
03/26/2014 »REALTORS(R) learn about impact of 2014 financial reforms on transactions
03/26/2014 »REALTOR(R): Uptick in pending home sales could mean more market activity by spring
03/19/2014 »Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS(R) shares water saving tips
03/19/2014 »California home sales lag in February, but slight gains in inventory
03/13/2014 »School officials tell REALTORS(R) $99 million bond measure will help keep up with district's needs
03/13/2014 »Generational trends study shows Millennials confident about the market, but face challenges
03/05/2014 »REALTORS(R) praise House passage of flood insurance bill
03/05/2014 »REALTORS(R) respond to draft legislation on federal tax reform
02/26/2014 »January pending home sales reverse two-month decline
02/26/2014 »Foreign buyers attracted to value, diversification, stability, size of U.S. real estate
02/19/2014 »Realtors keep up with the latest tech apps for business
02/19/2014 »More million-dollar home sales in Silicon Valley
02/19/2014 »REALTOR(R): Month of January sees moderate rise in inventory, with some sales decline
02/12/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) will assist seniors with household tasks May 5-9
02/12/2014 »REALTOR(R): State REALTOR(R) group reports housing affordability stabilizes in fourth quarter
02/05/2014 »REALTOR(R): State REALTOR(R) survey finds home sellers excited about the market again
02/05/2014 »REALTOR(R): High school seniors invited to apply for REALTOR(R) charitable foundation scholarships
01/29/2014 »REALTOR(R): Menlo Park mayor updates REALTORS(R) on development plans
01/29/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley region represented at California Association of REALTORS(R) business meetings
01/22/2014 »REALTOR(R): California home sales fall in December, but median price rises
01/22/2014 »REALTOR(R): Exterior replacement projects that enhance curb appeal among most valuable home improvements
01/15/2014 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area housing market expert presents positive outlook for Silicon Valley
01/15/2014 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) 2014 leadership team installed, awards presented
01/08/2014 »REALTOR(R): New member benefit will connect Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) to global MLS platform
01/08/2014 »REALTOR(R): California pending home sales decline could mean market readjusting
01/01/2014 »REALTOR(R): Industry expert shares 10 top issues affecting real estate
01/01/2014 »REALTOR(R): Sales slow in November due to home price increases, higher interest rates
12/25/2013 »REALTOR(R): SILVAR REALTOR(R) is 2014 Women's Council of REALTORS(R) chapter president
12/25/2013 »REALTOR(R): Mortgage cancellation tax relief set to expire, but renewal is likely, according to REALTORS(R)
12/18/2013 »REALTOR(R): 2013 a Good Year for Santa Clara County
12/18/2013 »REALTOR(R): FHA temporary loan limit increase expires Dec. 31, 2013
12/11/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) urge Congress to pass legislation to delay flood insurance rate increases
12/11/2013 »REALTOR(R): Recent surveys indicate buyer home feature preferences
12/04/2013 »REALTOR(R): California distressed home sellers not liable for federal or state income tax on short sales
12/04/2013 »REALTOR(R): American Dream still alive among California's young renters
11/27/2013 »REALTOR(R): October pending home sales post higher gains, while distressed sales remain low
11/27/2013 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) applaud FHFA decision to postpone conforming loan limit changes
11/20/2013 »REALTOR(R): Home sales fall in October
11/20/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) will soon have .Realtor top-level domain
11/13/2013 »REALTOR(R): California housing affordability level falls as home prices rise
11/13/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Receive NAR Platinum Award for Global Real Estate Program
11/06/2013 »REALTOR(R): More funding available to fight real estate fraud
11/06/2013 »REALTOR(R): More multiple offers, higher selling prices in 2013
10/30/2013 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area housing recovery is unparalleled, says C.A.R. official
10/30/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) hail legislation to delay flood insurance rate increases
10/23/2013 »REALTOR(R): Eight of 10 are non-distressed home sales
10/23/2013 »REALTOR(R): Dramatic rise in flood insurance rates for homeowners
10/16/2013 »REALTOR(R): Governor vetoes bill proposing to broaden rent control
10/16/2013 »REALTORS(R): More home buyers value environmentally friendly features
10/16/2013 »REALTOR(R): Housing affected by government shutdown
10/09/2013 »REALTOR(R): 2014 California Housing Market Forecast: Recovery will slowly continue
10/09/2013 »Local MLS sees sales of $1.5 M plus homes in Silicon Valley on the rise
10/02/2013 »Consumer online home searches on the rise
10/02/2013 »REALTOR(R): Your credit score is your risk factor
09/25/2013 »REALTOR(R): Buyers keep to the sidelines in August
09/25/2013 »REALTORS(R) share ‘The 10-Second Rule'
09/18/2013 »REALTORS(R): Single-family home sales dip, but not condos and townhomes
09/18/2013 »REALTOR(R): Safety Tips to Share with Sellers
09/18/2013 »Local REALTOR(R) official on preparing a home to sell
09/11/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Share Tips for Securing Your Home
09/11/2013 »REALTOR(R): QRM rule revisions supported by REALTORS(R)
09/04/2013 »REALTOR(R): Political gamesmanship blocks passage of California mortgage debt forgiveness bill
09/04/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS(R) is NAR Ambassador Association to Philippines
08/28/2013 »Q2 housing affordability falls due to higher home prices
08/28/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTOR(R) Service Volunteer Program on Television
08/21/2013 »REALTOR(R): Fewer distressed home sales in the valley
08/21/2013 »REALTOR(R): Gains seen in nationwide median home prices
08/14/2013 »REALTOR(R): Survey finds schools are important to home buyers
08/14/2013 »REALTOR(R): Housing market sees slowdown in July asking home prices
08/07/2013 »REALTOR(R): Pending home sales slip in June
08/07/2013 »How to compete with cash offers
07/31/2013 »Important real estate-related issues looming on horizon
07/31/2013 »Homeownership still a top priority, even among renters
07/24/2013 »Home prices are rising, but foreign buyers still see U.S. property as smart investment
07/24/2013 »Mobile technology used more in real estate
07/24/2013 »Top five remodeling projects for preparing a home to sell
07/17/2013 »REALTOR(R): Home prices finally recovering nationwide
07/17/2013 »June median home prices dip in local housing markets
07/17/2013 »Cities express frustration with ‘Housing Element'
07/10/2013 »REALTORS(R) learn how local chambers of commerce can benefit them and their clients
07/10/2013 »REALTORS(R) vow to protect real estate tax provisions in tax reform legislation
07/03/2013 »‘Leading ladies of real estate' advise agents on how to succeed in this market
07/03/2013 »California Senate passes mortgage debt forgiveness bill
06/26/2013 »Equity home sales continue growing in May
06/26/2013 »REALTORS(R) share FAQs on off-MLS listings
06/19/2013 »Inventory showing signs of life as prices soar, according to local MLS
06/19/2013 »Chinese American real estate group installs 2013 leadership team
06/12/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) present scholarships to 18 high school seniors
06/12/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley regional forum brings leaders together
06/05/2013 »REALTOR(R): Opportunities abound, but challenges remain in housing market
06/05/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) educate consumers about disadvantages of off-MLS listings
05/29/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) take issues to Capitol Hill
05/29/2013 »REALTOR(R): Investors drive California's housing market recovery
05/22/2013 »REALTOR(R): California housing affordability falls in first quarter
05/22/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTOR(R) Service Volunteer Program observes 12th year
05/15/2013 »REALTOR(R): April median prices near all-time highs, homes selling quickly
05/15/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) meet legislators in Washington
05/08/2013 »REALTOR(R): Rents slow, but asking home prices in top metros continue to climb
05/08/2013 »REALTOR(R): SILVAR REALTORS(R) in Sacramento for Legislative Day
05/01/2013 »REALTOR(R): Recent home buyers have fewer regrets about purchasing a home
04/24/2013 »REALTOR(R): New FHA requirements will raise the bar for borrowers
04/24/2013 »REALTOR(R): Equity sales reach a five-year high, a good sign for the housing market
04/17/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) share emergency preparedness tips
04/17/2013 »REALTOR(R): March home prices continue upward trend as inventory shortage sees little change
04/10/2013 »REALTOR(R): 2012 vacation home sales are up, prices rise
04/03/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) explore future of real estate
04/03/2013 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) promote fair housing for all
03/27/2013 »REALTOR(R): February equity sales highest since 2008
03/27/2013 »REALTOR(R): Chinese American real estate group installs 2013 leadership team
03/20/2013 »REALTOR(R): Survey finds home buyer age impacts home size preference
03/20/2013 »REALTOR(R): Low inventory fuels prices, heightens competition for homes
03/13/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley communities on list of highest million-dollar home sales in 2012
03/13/2013 »REALTOR(R): Buyers value central air, storage space, Internet-ready homes
03/06/2013 »REALTOR(R): Filipino American real estate group's 2013 leadership team installed
03/06/2013 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area continues to wrestle with shortage of inventory, fewer listings
02/27/2013 »REALTOR(R): California housing affordability lower due to higher home prices
02/27/2013 »Survey identifies top outdoor trends for 2013
02/20/2013 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. launches new tool to inform California home buyers of down payment assistance programs
02/20/2013 »REALTOR(R): Video production can be a great real estate marketing tool
02/13/2013 »REALTORS(R) rebut op-ed piece advocating eliminating mortgage interest deduction
02/13/2013 »REALTOR(R): California cash buyers at record high in 2012
02/06/2013 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area housing market experiencing quick recovery
02/06/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) will assist seniors with household tasks May 6-10
01/30/2013 »REALTORS(R) offer scholarships to high schools seniors
01/30/2013 »REALTORS(R) rate exterior replacement projects as having biggest return on investment
01/23/2013 »Silicon Valley home sales end 2012 on an upswing
01/23/2013 »Sellers not as optimistic as buyers about future prices
01/16/2013 »REALTORS(R) applaud new qualified mortgage rule
01/16/2013 »2013 Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) leadership group installed
01/09/2013 »Marked recovery in asking home prices in 2012
01/09/2013 »REALTOR(R): Housing affordability index sets record for 2012
01/02/2013 »REALTOR(R): Mortgage debt forgiveness extended
01/02/2013 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R)' 2013 president spells out goals for the year
12/26/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) place open letter in top newspapers calling for preservation of MID
12/26/2012 »REALTORS(R) congratulate 2013 board of Asian American real estate group's Silicon Valley chapter
12/18/2012 »REALTOR(R): Survey finds mortgage interest deduction important to California home buyers
12/18/2012 »Home buyers are more optimistic about today's housing market
12/18/2012 »Silicon Valley Realtors presented $29,500 in grants and scholarships in 2012
12/12/2012 »Home seekers continue to face twin challenge of rising prices and rents
12/12/2012 »REALTOR(R): Home sales surge in Silicon Valley
12/12/2012 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) share safety tips and gift ideas for the holidays
12/05/2012 »Realtors oppose changes to the mortgage interest deduction
12/05/2012 »Chinese learn about real estate and the housing market from Silicon Valley Realtors
11/28/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) from across the country learn to do business ‘glocally'
11/28/2012 »REALTOR(R): Pending home sales rise in October, share of equity sales expands
11/21/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) issue reminder about Dec. 31 deadline for free, impartial foreclosure review
11/21/2012 »REALTOR(R): Home sales continue to climb, inventory still a dilemma
11/14/2012 »REALTOR(R): Next year marks REALTOR(R) Code of Ethics centennial
11/14/2012 »REALTOR(R): Rising home prices affecting California housing affordability
11/07/2012 »REALTOR(R): Housing market headed toward sustainable recovery, multiple offers creating competitive market
11/07/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) call for change of FHFA leadership
10/31/2012 »REALTOR(R): Pending home sales hindered by low inventory
10/31/2012 »REALTOR(R): Equity property sales outpace distressed sales
10/24/2012 »REALTOR(R): Some improvements in short sale transactions, but more needs to be done, according to REALTOR(R) survey
10/24/2012 »REALTORS(R) share top 10 things to know about the 3.8% tax
10/17/2012 »Shortage of inventory continues to hamper sales
10/17/2012 »Housing market is ‘bright spot' of economy, according to state REALTOR(R) official
10/17/2012 »Palo Alto mayor tells REALTORS(R) neighbors need to get to know each other
10/10/2012 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) launch global marketing initiative
10/10/2012 »Research shows homeownership 45 percent cheaper than renting nationally
10/03/2012 »REALTOR(R): Forecast is California housing market recovery will continue
10/03/2012 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) can now access Fannie Mae forms online
09/26/2012 »REALTOR(R): California's pending home sales fall from a year ago due to lack of inventory
09/26/2012 »REALTOR(R): August marks fifth straight month of year-over-year gain in California home sales
09/19/2012 »Safety tips for sellers when showing their home
09/19/2012 »REALTORS(R) share 10-second rule for safety
09/12/2012 »REALTOR(R): Bill reintroduced to help more homeowners refinance earns praise from REALTORS(R)
09/12/2012 »REALTORS(R) can help prevent spread of West Nile virus
09/05/2012 »More home sellers using agents to sell their homes
09/05/2012 »REALTOR(R): Homes selling more quickly due to tighter supply
08/29/2012 »REALTORS(R) share more 'myth-conceptions' about credit
08/29/2012 »REALTORS(R) told financing available to assist first-time home buyers in Santa Clara County
08/22/2012 »REALTORS(R) hail FHFA move to expand short sale eligibility for struggling homeowners
08/22/2012 »REALTOR(R): California home sales and prices receive another boost in July
08/15/2012 »Silicon Valley has highest ranked areas for million-dollar homes sales in second-quarter 2012
08/15/2012 »REALTOR(R): Housing affordability falls in second quarter
08/08/2012 »REALTOR(R): Inventory slowly improving, according to Palo Alto brokers
08/08/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) keep up with legislation affecting clients
08/05/2012 »REALTORS(R) can help prevent spread of West Nile virus
08/01/2012 »REALTOR(R): California foreclosure activity lowest in five years
08/01/2012 »REALTOR(R): June pending home sales down partly due to low inventory
07/25/2012 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. president visits Silicon Valley, stresses advocacy for homeownership rights
07/25/2012 »REALTOR(R): New bill sets deadline for subordinate lien holder response to short sales
07/18/2012 »Low inventory could stall market growth
07/18/2012 »Rise in homeowners seeking counseling from homeownership hotline could spell trouble
07/18/2012 »REALTOR(R): California's housing market continues to improve in June
07/11/2012 »REALTORS(R) warn consumers about rise in mortgage fraud
07/11/2012 »REALTOR(R): Growth seen in remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, interest in energy-efficiency projects
07/04/2012 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) hail passage of flood insurance bill
07/04/2012 »REALTOR(R): Report shows rents rise 5.4 percent nationally, outpacing price increases
06/27/2012 »REALTOR(R): California pending home sales rise over last year
06/27/2012 »REALTOR(R): International sales climb in the U.S.
06/20/2012 »REALTOR(R): Economic and housing market outlook sees rental market activity as a bright spot
06/20/2012 »REALTOR(R): California home sales rise to highest level in more than three years
06/13/2012 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) present scholarship awards to 18 graduating high school seniors
06/13/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTOR(R) income grows after years of decline
06/06/2012 »REALTORS(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) warn consumers to beware of “impostor landlords”
06/06/2012 »REALTOR(R): Asking prices for homes remain flat in May, rents increase from last year
05/30/2012 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) get overview of latest tech trends in real estate
05/30/2012 »REALTOR(R): Pending sales slip in April
05/23/2012 »REALTOR(R): California housing affordability continues to rise
05/23/2012 »REALTOR(R) forecast brightens
05/16/2012 »REALTOR(R): Sales on the upswing, signal start of strong spring market
05/16/2012 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) help seniors with household tasks
05/09/2012 »REALTORS(R) say tight lending standards hampering commercial real estate market's recovery
05/09/2012 »REALTORS(R) discuss housing issues with legislators
05/02/2012 »REALTOR(R): Rising share of equity property sales a good sign of recovery
05/02/2012 »REALTOR(R): Disclosure is critical in a real estate transaction
04/25/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) applaud FHFA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac on new short sale policies
04/25/2012 »REALTOR(R): Pending home sales up for third straight month, highest level in nearly three years
04/18/2012 »REALTOR(R): California home prices see first annual gain in 16 months, helped by robust San Francisco Bay Area market
04/18/2012 »REALTORS(R) call for broad Qualified Mortgage definition
04/11/2012 »REALTOR(R): SVLG's Guardino asks REALTORS(R) to Accomplish Goals that Make a Difference
04/11/2012 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) back California Congressional members urging refrain of bulk REO sales in California
04/11/2012 »REALTOR(R): Sales of investment and vacation properties surge in 2011
04/03/2012 »REALTOR(R): April is Fair Housing Month
04/03/2012 »Consumer alert issued regarding timeshare resale fraud
04/03/2012 »FHFA restricts GSEs from purchasing mortgages with private transfer fees
03/28/2012 »REALTOR(R): California pending home sales climb, but lack of inventory remains a problem
03/28/2012 »REALTOR(R): Americans still value home ownership
03/21/2012 »REALTOR(R): Studies show seniors, young adults will influence future housing markets
03/21/2012 »REALTOR(R): California's February home sales post gains
03/14/2012 »REALTOR(R): Filipino real estate group installs 2012 officers, board directors
03/14/2012 »REALTOR(R): Homeowners asked to watch out for national mortgage settlement scams
03/07/2012 »Government REO-to-rental plan not needed in California, according to REALTORS(R)
03/07/2012 »REALTOR(R): Top myths about short sales debunked
02/29/2012 »REALTOR(R): California pending home sales climb in January
02/29/2012 »REALTORS(R) share short sale tips
02/22/2012 »REALTORS(R) sponsor bill to ensure government energy efficiency requirements cover their costs
02/22/2012 »830,000 completed foreclosures nationwide in 2011
02/15/2012 »REALTOR(R): California housing affordability improves with even lower interest rates and home prices
02/15/2012 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) invite graduating seniors to apply for scholarships
02/08/2012 »‘Tis the prime season to buy
02/08/2012 »Foreclosure activity drops 20 percent in Santa Clara County
02/08/2012 »REALTORS(R) congratulate 2012 board of Asian American real estate group's Silicon Valley chapter
02/08/2012 »REALTORS(R) will assist seniors with household tasks May 7-11
02/01/2012 »Knowing personality styles can be useful in a negotiation
02/01/2012 »REALTOR(R): Real estate experiencing its own economic revolution
02/01/2012 »REALTOR(R): Top “myth-conceptions” about credit
01/25/2012 »REALTOR(R): Homeownership must remain top national priority
01/25/2012 »REALTOR(R): Distressed sales rise in December as lenders push through more REOs, short sales
01/18/2012 »REALTOR(R): Consumer confidence rises, December's California home sales are up, as well
01/18/2012 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Install 2012 Leadership Team, Present Awards
01/11/2012 »Santa County supervisor explains county government, tells REALTORS(R) schools are important to buyers
01/11/2012 »REALTORS(R) officials reflect on year of real estate achievements
01/04/2012 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Charitable Foundation presented $53,500 in grants and scholarships in 2011
01/04/2012 »REALTORS(R) launch Spanish-language property search website
12/28/2011 »REALTOR(R): Real estate industry officials upbeat seeing positive indicators
12/28/2011 »REALTOR(R): Homeowners need to beware of mortgage modification scams
12/21/2011 »REALTOR(R): Survey shows jobs and housing will be most important issues in 2012 election
12/21/2011 »REALTOR(R): November home sales and median price see statewide increase
12/21/2011 »REALTOR(R): Holiday season safety tips from REALTORS(R)
12/14/2011 »REALTORS(R) give back to community during the holidays
12/14/2011 »Poll finds jobs, housing market, will be key issues for voters in 2012 election
12/14/2011 »REALTOR(R) of the Year upbeat about the Valley in good times and bad
12/14/2011 »REALTOR(R): Exterior home projects outperform other remodeling projects in resale value
12/13/2011 »REALTOR(R): Palo Alto REALTORS(R) present 2011 district awards
12/07/2011 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) present $1,500 to PARCA
12/07/2011 »REALTOR(R): Restoration of FHA high loan limit will provide more households ownership opportunities
12/01/2011 »REALTOR(R) Charitable Foundation presents $2,500 to JustREAD
11/30/2011 »REALTOR(R): Buyers can avoid problems by understanding credit system
11/30/2011 »REALTOR(R): Buyers challenged by tight credit conditions, despite Internet use, majority rely on a REALTOR(R)
11/23/2011 »MVLA District's students doing ‘incredibly well' says superintendent
11/23/2011 »California economist shares performance targets indicating some growth
11/23/2011 »REALTORS(R) applaud reinstatement of FHA loan limits
11/23/2011 »REALTOR(R): California pending home sales climb, post higher gains for sixth straight month
11/16/2011 »Los Altos mayor pro tem reports city is thriving, financially sound
11/16/2011 »Buyers can overcome tight mortgage credit by understanding credit system
11/16/2011 »REALTORS(R) across the country show support for home ownership
11/16/2011 »Housing affordability continues to improve, but buyers remain hesitant
11/09/2011 »Tide has turned for housing, but now it's stalled
11/09/2011 »Legal experts brief REALTORS(R) on trends, troubles in today's market
11/09/2011 »Pending sales see drop in September
11/09/2011 »Choosing a real estate professional you can trust
11/02/2011 »California home sales stable, but median is down in September
11/02/2011 »Region's brokers share views on housing market, what to expect for 2012
11/02/2011 »REALTORS(R) applaud efforts to reinstate loan limits
10/26/2011 »Efforts to aid underwater borrowers, boost housing market continue
10/26/2011 »Los Gatos and Saratoga REALTORS(R) present $2,000 to Lucile Packard Foundation
10/26/2011 »Expansion of HARP refinance program will help more struggling homeowners
10/26/2011 »REALTORS(R) champion Senate move to reinstate higher loan limits
10/19/2011 »California home sales remain at stable levels, but median is down
10/19/2011 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) play ball, raise over $3,200 for charity
10/12/2011 »Congress extends flood insurance, but not high loan limits
10/12/2011 »C.A.R. chief lobbyist identifies threats to real estate if budget crisis continues
10/12/2011 »So you want to be a REALTOR(R)? Agents discuss launching a real estate career
10/12/2011 »Americans still down on economy, home prices and household finances
10/12/2011 »Today's REALTORS(R) focusing on more training, commitment to profession
10/05/2011 »Mountain property has many benefits, intricate transactions
10/05/2011 »Latest survey findings show homeowners, renters continue to aspire for homeownership
10/05/2011 »Short-term extension for flood insurance but none for loan limits
09/28/2011 »Only slight improvement predicted for 2012 housing market
09/28/2011 »California's pending home sales rise in August
09/21/2011 »California REALTORS(R) don't want real estate to bear burden of state's budget crisis
09/21/2011 »California home sales, median home price trend upward in August
09/14/2011 »How to avoid delays in escrow
09/14/2011 »REALTORS(R) relying more on advanced technology to communicate with clients and market services
09/14/2011 »Condominium/townhome buyers now protected from excessive fees
09/07/2011 »Assessor's annual report cites positive trends in Santa Clara County
09/07/2011 »National Flood Insurance Program expiration could threaten market recovery
09/07/2011 »Upcoming changes to FHA loans that prospective buyers need to know
08/31/2011 »REALTOR(R): Safety Tips during REALTOR(R) Safety Month
08/31/2011 »REALTOR(R): Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
08/25/2011 »Veteran REALTORS(R) on the changing business of real estate
08/24/2011 »Tight credit, tough economy reasons for lackluster housing market
08/24/2011 »REALTOR(R): Menlo Park improvements, expansion of Facebook is good news for housing
08/17/2011 »REALTORS(R) address misconceptions about mortgage interest deduction
08/17/2011 »REALTOR(R): Housing affordability in high-cost areas will be negatively impacted if loan limits are reduced
08/10/2011 »REALTOR(R): Today's home buyer profiled in REALTOR(R) survey
08/10/2011 »Be on alert for loan modification scammers
08/03/2011 »Creating that “WOW” factor can help sell your home
08/03/2011 »What homeowners should know about law on carbon monoxide devices
07/27/2011 »California housing market posts gains in June, expect more gains in coming months
07/27/2011 »New law broadens protection on short sales
07/20/2011 »Local REALTORS(R) raise over $5,000 for charity for Los Gatos, Saratoga
07/20/2011 »REALTOR(R): New insurance regulations aim to clear confusion over replacement cost estimates for homeowners
07/20/2011 »REALTOR(R): More renters than ever aspire to home ownership
07/15/2011 »Understanding Asian American Cultures
07/13/2011 »REALTORS(R) learn as population ages rapidly, more senior-friendly communities need to be designed
07/13/2011 »Housing production continues to climb in May, builders report
07/06/2011 »All regions see rise in pending home sales in May
07/06/2011 »Study says by 2040 Latinos will be largest population group in Silicon Valley
06/29/2011 »REALTOR(R): Rise in May pending home sales a positive sign for future market activity
06/29/2011 »REALTOR(R): Drop in conforming loan limits will hurt Silicon Valley housing market
06/22/2011 »REALTOR(R): May sees first year-over-year increase in California pending sales in 18 months
06/22/2011 »REALTOR(R): Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors unanimously rejects Proposition 90 repeal
06/15/2011 »Foreclosures not going away anytime soon
06/15/2011 »REALTORS(R) told social media marketing important in Silicon Valley
06/08/2011 »REALTORS(R) want Congress to keep affordable, accessible mortgages
06/08/2011 »Replacement residence benefit for seniors in danger of being rescinded
06/01/2011 »Pending Sales Fall Nationwide, Raises Concerns of Double Dip
06/01/2011 »Local REALTORS(R) Charitable Foundation Presents 18 Scholarship Awards
05/25/2011 »REALTORS(R) want regulators to rethink new mortgage requirement proposal
05/18/2011 »Seniors grateful for RSVP volunteers
05/18/2011 »California home sales decline in April; median home price increases
05/18/2011 »First-time home buyers receive tips on how to enter local market
05/11/2011 »Higher affordability throughout California, but April home sales slow
05/11/2011 »California REALTORS(R) Bring Issues to State Capitol
05/11/2011 »Existing-home sales rise in most states in first quarter
05/04/2011 »Pay attention to green building code and new lead paint laws
05/04/2011 »Each generation communicates differently
04/26/2011 »REALTOR(R) study finds Americans prefer smart growth communities
04/26/2011 »Mortgage defaults drop in first quarter
04/20/2011 »Increased home sales, higher median price point to favorable market conditions
04/20/2011 »Legal experts explore risk management issues
04/13/2011 »Use of FHA loans declines with tighter lending criteria
04/13/2011 »REALTORS(R) promote fair housing right for all
04/06/2011 »Survey shows homeowners, renters support home ownership and value mortgage interest deduction
04/06/2011 »Silicon Valley housing market an “oasis in the desert”
04/06/2011 »Benefits to home ownership most apparent during tax time
03/30/2011 »New buyers and sellers advisory just 14 pages
03/30/2011 »Connecting with people in real estate and other business
03/23/2011 »California home sales decline in February, as buyers stay in the sidelines
03/23/2011 »Know the rules, timeline, when doing a 1031 exchange
03/16/2011 »Japan earthquake a reminder to review earthquake safety measures
03/16/2011 »Sales of million-dollar home sales rose in 2010
03/09/2011 »How to improve your chances of being a homeowner
03/09/2011 »REALTOR(R): Frustration with short sales process continues, according to survey of REALTORS(R)
03/09/2011 »REALTOR(R): Local REALTORS(R) say 2010 U.S. Census underscores need to serve emerging markets
03/09/2011 »HOA compliance is all about disclosure
03/08/2011 »Loan officers tell REALTORS(R) underwriting, jumbo loans are loosening
03/02/2011 »REALTOR(R): Local REALTOR(R) official says housing is key to economic recovery
03/02/2011 »REALTOR(R): January sees record number of cash buyers for California homes
02/23/2011 »REALTOR(R): State announces $2 billion effort to help struggling homeowners keep their homes
02/23/2011 »REALTOR(R): California pending home sales rise in January
02/22/2011 »Slow January for Bay Area housing market
02/16/2011 »Jobs, home ownership linked together, says NAR
02/16/2011 »California first-time buyer housing affordability at new record high in Q4
02/09/2011 »Mortgage Interest Deduction Pays Dividends for Homeowners
02/09/2011 »California's Foreclosure Activity Declines Fourth Quarter 2010
02/09/2011 »Local Brokers Upbeat About Silicon Valley's Housing Market
02/02/2011 »REALTORS(R) Will Assist Seniors with Household Tasks May 16-20
02/02/2011 »Spring Will Be Busy Time for Local Housing Market, Appraiser Tells REALTORS(R)
02/02/2011 »REALTOR(R): Survey shows owners and renters agree home ownership matters
01/26/2011 »California home sales posted seven-month high in December
01/26/2011 »REALTOR(R) group's Palo Alto District presents awards
01/26/2011 »High school seniors invited to apply for REALTOR(R) foundation scholarships
01/19/2011 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) install 2011 leadership, present awards
01/19/2011 »Realtor(R) official reviews 2010, looks toward a new year in real estate
01/12/2011 »New-home construction in California up 21 percent in November, another sign of modest recovery
01/12/2011 »SVLG CEO tells Realtors Silicon Valley has many strengths
01/05/2011 »Realtors(R) share tips for home sellers
01/05/2011 »Full recovery still hampered by tedious short sales process
12/29/2010 »Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Charitable Foundation donated $44,800 in 2010
12/29/2010 »The local housing market information is what counts, according to SILVAR 2011 president Gene Lentz
12/22/2010 »SILVAR REALTOR(R) of the Year reflects on 2010, what to expect for 2011
12/22/2010 »Exterior replacement projects are most cost-effective improvement, according to REALTORS(R)
12/15/2010 »Home buyers adapt to new housing market environment
12/15/2010 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) share tips for home buyers
12/08/2010 »Pending home sales jumped in October, showing a positive uptrend
12/08/2010 »Changes to mortgage interest deduction would hurt home ownership, economy
11/30/2010 »HUD and Realtors unveil how-to videos for home buyers
11/30/2010 »As home sales, median price decline in October, Realtors remind buyers markets vary depending on location
11/23/2010 »Bay Area home sales fall in October, median price down except in Santa Clara and Solano counties
11/23/2010 »Chase officials explain foreclosure prevention initiatives to Silicon Valley Realtors
11/16/2010 »First-time buyer housing affordability in Santa Clara County and statewide improves slightly in third quarter
11/16/2010 »The worst is over absolutely, but 2011 will be ‘lackluster' year, according to state Realtor official
11/09/2010 »Homeowners can still take advantage of energy tax credits
11/09/2010 »Real estate experts cautiously optimistic about future of real estate
11/09/2010 »Bust seller myth about waiting till spring
11/03/2010 »Santa Clara County Foreclosures Drop 44 Percent in 3Q
11/03/2010 »In This Market Home Buyers Can Experience Significant Savings
10/27/2010 »Housing Market Continues to Rally in September
10/27/2010 »Americans Still Believe Buying a Home Makes Sense
10/20/2010 »REALTORS(R) Say Families Will Suffer if Foreclosure Moratorium Continues
10/20/2010 »DRE Commissioner Says Better Days Are Ahead
10/12/2010 »Multicultural Homeownership Seminar Teaches How to be Smart Buyer, Seller
10/12/2010 »The Worst is Over for Home Sales, NAR's Chief Economist Tells Silicon Valley REALTORS
10/06/2010 »Conforming Loan Limits Extended Through 2011
10/06/2010 »C.A.R. Forecasts Small Increases in Home Sales and Median Price for 2011
09/30/2010 »WVCS Needs Volunteers, Donations to Food Pantry
09/28/2010 »DRE Commissioner Expects Shorts Sales, Foreclosures to be Around for at Least Two More Years
09/21/2010 »REALTOR(R) Safety: Protect Yourself from the #1 Crime in the U.S. - Identity Theft
09/21/2010 »Realtors Hail Bill to Hasten Lender Response to Short Sale Requests
09/21/2010 »Chinese American Real Estate Group Installs New Officers
09/15/2010 »Safety Tips for Sellers at Open Houses
09/15/2010 »Realtors Share Information on New Changes to FHA
09/15/2010 »Realtor Tips for Securing Your Home
09/07/2010 »Realtors to Offer Multicultural Homeownership Seminar Free to Public
09/07/2010 »California July Median Price Increased 10.4 percent, Even While Home Sales Decreased 20.8 Percent
09/01/2010 »Silicon Valley Realtors and Affiliates Raise $33,000 for Charity
09/01/2010 »Watch Out for Red Flags for Foreclosure Rescue Scams
08/25/2010 »California's Entry-level Housing Affordability at 64 percent in the Second Quarter of 2010
08/25/2010 »Government Steps Up Help for Borrowers, Protection for Consumers
08/18/2010 »Homeownership, Stable Communities Go Hand in Hand
08/18/2010 »REALTOR(R): Second Quarter Metro Home Prices Stabilize in Most Cities
08/11/2010 »Fewer Homeowners Have Underwater Mortgages
08/11/2010 »More Products Available for Homeowners Going Green
08/04/2010 »June Pending Home Sales Edge Down with End of Tax Credit Incentive
08/04/2010 »Short Sales Explained from the Seller/Buyer Perspective
07/30/2010 »REALTOR(R): California June Home Sales Drop, But Prices Rise
07/30/2010 »Housing Market Outlook Mixed, Location Makes a Difference
07/21/2010 »REALTORS Learn about Homeownership Barriers, Traits of Asian American Community
07/21/2010 »REALTOR(R): Mortgage Defaults and Foreclosures are Down in Santa Clara County
07/21/2010 »New Fannie Mae Policy on Appraiser Requirements
07/19/2010 »REALTOR(R): Deck Maintenance Will Forestall Major Repairs
07/19/2010 »REALTOR(R): Becoming a Homeowner – Now What?
07/19/2010 »REALTOR(R): U.S. Housing Market Receives Increasing Interest from International Buyers
07/14/2010 »Local Housing Market Picture Still Rosy
07/14/2010 »Window Closing On State Tax Credit
07/07/2010 »Home Buyers Get Tax Credit Closing and Flood Insurance Extensions Without Lapse in Coverage
07/07/2010 »Bay Area Leads Way in California Housing Market Recovery
07/07/2010 »REALTOR(R): Still Window of Opportunity to Receive California Home Buyer Tax Credit
06/30/2010 »California Median Price Increased 23.2 Percent in May, While Home Sales Increased 1.2 Percent
06/30/2010 »County Assessor Says Assessment Roll Will Be Negative This Year
06/23/2010 »REALTOR(R): Percentage of Homes with Price Reductions Declines in June
06/23/2010 »Should You Rent or Buy? What Matters Most
06/23/2010 »Sales of High-end Homes in Bay Area are Up, Median Price Tops $400K
06/16/2010 »Legislators Listen to Realtors' Concerns on Legislative Day
06/16/2010 »REALTORS(R) Asked to Remind Clients About Potential Legal Issues
06/16/2010 »Green Building and “Forever Home” Becoming Major Design Trends
06/16/2010 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Charitable Foundation Presents 18 Scholarship Awards to Graduating Seniors
06/09/2010 »Real Estate Attorneys Voice Concerns About Short Sales and Disclosures
06/09/2010 »With Cases On the Rise, REALTORS(R) Share Tips to Prevent Identity Theft
06/02/2010 »Green Building and “Forever Home” Becoming Major Design Trends
06/02/2010 »REALTOR(R): Homeownership Continues To Be a Major Goal for Most Families
05/26/2010 »Still a Good Time for Buyers, according to California Association of REALTORS(R) Economist
05/25/2010 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. Reports April Median Price Increased 21 Percent; Home Sales Decreased 8.1 percent
05/25/2010 »Santa Clara County Sales Up Slightly, Median Jumps Nearly 21 Percent
05/18/2010 »Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Continue Keeping Residents Safe
05/18/2010 »Housing Affordability Still Looking Good for First-time Home Buyers
05/11/2010 »Realtors Give Back to Seniors, Help Them with Household Tasks
05/11/2010 »FHA Commissioner Tells Realtors Housing Market is Stabilizing
05/05/2010 »County Assessor Asks Realtors to Remind Homeowners of Assessment Review, Appeal Deadlines
05/05/2010 »Pending Home Sales Continue Upswing
04/27/2010 »Upward Trend in Median Price and Home Sales Continues in Santa Clara County
04/27/2010 »Santa Clara County Home Defaults Fall 35 Percent
04/21/2010 »REALTORS(R) Share Tips on Preparing for an Open House
04/20/2010 »DRE Commissioner Reports Fewer Real Estate Licensees Today, But Stricter Licensing Requirements for Mortgage Lenders
04/14/2010 »REALTORS(R) Share Rules for New State Home Buyer Tax Credit
04/13/2010 »Will Prices of High-End Homes Continue to Drop? Not So, According to REALTORS(R)
04/07/2010 »REALTORS(R) Observe National Fair Housing Month
03/31/2010 »REALTOR(R): Vacation-Home Sales Up in 2009 but Investment Sales Down
03/31/2010 »REALTOR(R): California's New Home Buyer Tax Credit
03/30/2010 »Menlo Park Mayor Shares Views on Development, Future Projects
03/25/2010 »The Nuts and Bolts of Purchasing Investment Property
03/25/2010 »County Assessor Asks REALTORS(R) to Remind Homeowners of Assessment Review and Appeal Deadlines
03/24/2010 »REALTOR(R): California February Median Price Up 14.1 Percent; Home Sales Down 11.7 Percent
03/24/2010 »REALTORS(R) Provide Advice on Avoiding Foreclosure
03/19/2010 »Green Remodeling Becoming More Popular
03/19/2010 »REALTORS Offer Remodeling Tips
03/17/2010 »Change and Strategies for Success
03/12/2010 »REALTOR(R): More Sellers Turn to REALTORS(R)
03/11/2010 »FUHSD Explains Financial Dilemma
03/10/2010 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. Releases "State of the California Housing Market" Report
03/10/2010 »Top Producers Share Tips for Success
03/05/2010 »Celebrate Strengths, Work on Weaknesses in Silicon Valley, SVLG CEO Tells REALTORS(R)
03/03/2010 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. Report Finds 67 percent of California Sellers Sold Their Homes due to Inability to Meet Mortgage Obligation
02/24/2010 »REALTOR(R): No Meaningful Recovery Seen for Commercial Real Estate Before 2011
02/24/2010 »REALTOR(R): California Entry-level Housing Affordability Remained at 64 percent in the Fourth Quarter of 2009
02/19/2010 »Only 71 Days Left to Utilize Home Buyer Tax Credit
02/17/2010 »There's Still Opportunity to Avail of Home Buyer Tax Credit
02/17/2010 »REALTOR(R): Inexpensive exterior remodeling can prove profitable for resale, according to REALTORS(R)
02/17/2010 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley is “Gold Country,” Great Location for Buyers, according to REALTORS(R)
02/12/2010 »MLSListings Inc. Continues to Deliver Value Through Its Service Offerings
02/11/2010 »Loan Modifications are Difficult, Complicated, according to Legal Team
02/11/2010 »There's Still Opportunity to Avail of Home Buyer Tax Credit
02/10/2010 »REALTOR(R): The Housing Trust of Santa Clara County Provides Loans to First-time Home Buyers
02/10/2010 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Foundation Presents $2,000 to East Palo Alto Kids
02/09/2010 »Four Out of 10 Recent Buyers Relied on FHA Loans, says National REALTOR(R) Group
02/03/2010 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) to Help Seniors with Household Tasks May 3-7
02/03/2010 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Share Information on New IRS Form to Claim Tax Credit
01/28/2010 »Economy Slowly Improving, but Not On Assessor's Side
01/27/2010 »REALTOR(R): Local REALTOR(R) Foundation Scholarship Program Underway for High School Seniors
01/27/2010 »REALTOR(R): State REALTOR(R) Group Reports California Home Sales and Median Home Price Increased in December
01/20/2010 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Install 2010 Leadership, Present Awards
01/20/2010 »Mild Recovery in 2010, but Better Market than Last Year, Rodoni Tells Silicon Valley REALTORS
01/13/2010 »REALTOR(R): Advantages to Buying a Home In the Winter
01/13/2010 »REALTOR(R): Guidelines on Home Buyer Tax Credit Released
01/06/2010 »REALTORS(R) See Decade of Dramatic Developments
01/05/2010 »Jeff Bell Takes the Reins as SILVAR's 2010 President
01/05/2010 »REALTOR(R): 2009 Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Charitable Foundation Donations Total Over $36,000 to Local Community Groups
12/30/2009 »SILVAR REALTOR(R) Officials' Forecast for 2010 Hopeful, with First-time Home Buyers Leading the Way
12/30/2009 »REALTOR(R) Confidence Index Gauges Market Trends and Current Conditions
12/23/2009 »REALTOR(R): Builders Report Some Positive Growth in California New-Home Market
12/23/2009 »Silicon Valley's REALTOR(R) of the Year Says 2009 Twice More Challenging than 2008, but Better Times Are Ahead
12/23/2009 »REALTOR(R): Survey Shows First-Time Home Buyers Set Record in Past Year
12/16/2009 »REALTOR(R): Short Sales, Foreclosures, Loan Modifications Will Continue to be Top Issues in 2010
12/16/2009 »REALTOR(R): Filipino Real Estate Group Installs 2010 Officers, Board Directors
12/09/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTOR(R) Confidence Index Gauges Market Trends and Current Conditions
12/09/2009 »REALTOR(R): Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program Guidelines Will Help Troubled Homeowners
12/02/2009 »Legal Experts Discuss Top Issues Impacting Agents and Their Clients Today
12/02/2009 »REALTOR(R): All Parties in a Short Sale Transaction Need to be Pro-active, Patient, Experts Tell REALTORS(R)
11/25/2009 »REALTOR(R): October Sees Another Big Gain in Existing-home Sales as Inventories Continue to Shrink
11/25/2009 »REALTOR(R): Pending Home Sales Continue Rising
11/18/2009 »REALTOR(R): Entry-level Housing Affordability Reached 64 percent in the Third Quarter of 2009
11/18/2009 »REALTOR(R): Realtors Answer Questions About the New Home Buyer Tax Credit
11/11/2009 »REALTOR(R): Recovery Will Face Challenges Ahead, C.A.R. Chief Economist Tells REALTORS(R)
11/11/2009 »REALTOR(R): Existing-Home Sales Surge in Many States in Third Quarter, Metro Prices Moderating
11/04/2009 »REALTOR(R): Realtors See Good Signs for Housing Market with Rise in Pending Sales and Extension of Higher Loan Limits
11/04/2009 »REALTOR(R): New Law Will Stop Loan Modification Scams
10/28/2009 »Recovery Will Be Painful; “New Normal” Will Be “People Buying What They Can Afford,” According to Economists
10/28/2009 »REALTOR(R): September Home Sales Up 2.1 Percent, as State's Median Declines 7.3 Percent
10/21/2009 »California Mortgage Defaults Down For Now
10/21/2009 »REALTOR(R): 2010 Wild Cards Foreclosures, Unemployment, Federal Government Actions, according to C.A.R.
10/21/2009 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area Home Sales, Prices Rise
10/15/2009 »REALTOR(R): It's a New Housing Market Environment for Buyers, Sellers
10/15/2009 »New Law Will Stop Loan Modification Scams, DRE Commissioner Tells SILVAR Members
10/11/2009 »REALTOR(R): Recovery Will Face Challenges Ahead, C.A.R. Chief Economist Tells REALTORS(R)
10/02/2009 »Bay Area REALTORS(R) Assess the Market Situation at Summit
10/02/2009 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. Reports August Home Sales Increased 9 Percent
09/22/2009 »Bay Area August Home Sales and Median Price Fall
09/22/2009 »REALTORS(R) Bring Value to a Transaction
09/16/2009 »California Sees Rise in International Buyers, but Credit Crunch Hampered Their Buying
09/16/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Urge Congress to Act Now to Extend Homebuyer Tax Credit
09/09/2009 »REALTOR(R): California Continues to Attract International Buyers
09/09/2009 »REALTOR(R): Safety Means Knowledge, Awareness, Empowerment
09/02/2009 »REALTOR(R): Pending Home Sales on Continuous Upward Trend
09/02/2009 »REALTOR(R): Set Goals, Parameters When Searching for a Home
08/26/2009 »REALTOR(R): California Home Sales Increased 12 percent in July, Median Home Price Declined 19.6 percent
08/26/2009 »REALTOR(R): Existing Home Sales Maintain Uptrend
08/19/2009 »REALTOR(R): Entry-level Housing Affordability in California Reaches 67 percent
08/19/2009 »REALTOR(R): Second Quarter Existing-Home Sales Show Healthy Gains
08/07/2009 »Santa Clara County Assessor Worries as Property Values Drop This Year
08/05/2009 »REALTOR(R): Tax incentives Abound for Homeowners Who Go Green
08/05/2009 »REALTOR(R): Pending Home Sales Continue Upward Trend
07/29/2009 »REALTOR(R): NAR Reports Existing-Home Sales Up Again
07/29/2009 »REALTOR(R): California June Home Sales Increased 20.1 percent as Median Home Price Declined 26.4 Percent
07/22/2009 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area Home Sales and Median Price Rise
07/22/2009 »REALTOR(R): There's No Place Like Home
07/15/2009 »REALTOR(R): Most Americans Still Believe Buying a Home is a Good Financial Decision, NAR Survey Shows
07/15/2009 »REALTOR(R): 10 Helpful Tips to Take the Trauma Out of Buying a Home
07/08/2009 »REALTOR(R): High-end Sales Moving in Greater Mid-Peninsula Area
07/08/2009 »REALTOR(R): Statewide Home Sales increased 35.2 percent in May
07/08/2009 »REALTOR(R): Increased Affordability, Low Mortgage Rates Motivating Home Buyers, according to Survey of California Home Buyers
07/01/2009 »REALTOR(R): Statewide Home Sales Increased 35.2 Percent in May
07/01/2009 »REALTOR(R): Pending Home Sales Up for Fourth Consecutive Month, but New HVCC Causing Delays
06/24/2009 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area Home Sales and Median Price Rise As More High-end Homes Sell
06/24/2009 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Charitable Foundation Presents Scholarship Awards to 18 Students
06/17/2009 »REALTOR(R): April's Pending Home Sales Up
06/17/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Share Safety Tips with Clients
06/10/2009 »REALTOR(R): Today's Buyers Have 8,000 Reasons to Become Homeowners
06/03/2009 »REALTOR(R): Home Buyer Tax Credit for Closing Will Help Stabilize Housing Market
06/03/2009 »REALTOR(R): April Home Sales Increased 49.2 Percent
05/27/2009 »REALTOR(R): NAR Reports Existing-Home Sales Increase in April
05/27/2009 »REALTOR(R): DRE Commissioner Warns Against Loan Modification and Foreclosure Scams
05/20/2009 »REALTOR(R): Opportunities, Incentives for Buyers Attributed to Increasing Sales
05/20/2009 »REALTOR(R): Entry-level Housing Affordability Level in California Jumps to 69 Percent
05/13/2009 »REALTOR(R): Local REALTORS(R) Give Back to Their Communities through RSVP
05/13/2009 »REALTOR(R): Housing Market Activity Picks Up
05/06/2009 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. Economist Says There Are Long-term Gains in Real Estate
05/06/2009 »REALTOR(R): Pending Sales Rise, Housing Affordability Near Record
04/29/2009 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. Reports March Sales Up 63.8 Percent
04/29/2009 »REALTOR(R): First-Time Buyers Respond to low Interest Rates, Tax Credits
04/22/2009 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area Home Sales Continue to Rise as Median Price Drops to $300K
04/22/2009 »People Need REALTORS(R) Now More Than Ever
04/15/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Get Relief with the “Right Tools Right Now” So They Can Better Serve Their Clients
04/15/2009 »REALTOR(R): April is National Fair Housing Month
04/08/2009 »REALTOR(R): Gain Seen In Pending Home Sales, Housing Affordability Sets New Record
04/08/2009 »REALTOR(R): Why Now is a Good Time to Buy a Home
04/01/2009 »Future of Second-home Market Still Bright, Despite Decline in Sales
04/01/2009 »California Association of REALTORS(R) Launches Mortgage Protection Program for First-time Home Buyers
03/26/2009 »Gains in Sales Lift Housing Market Prospects
03/25/2009 »REALTOR(R): California February Home Sales Climb; Statewide Median Price Down to $224,000
03/25/2009 »REALTOR(R): Existing-Home Sales Rise in February
03/18/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Back Guidelines for Refinancing, Mortgage Loan Modifications
03/18/2009 »REALTOR(R): Fed Move to Buy More Securities Will Boost Housing Markets
03/11/2009 »REALTOR(R): Home Buyers Expected to Respond with Improved Affordability Conditions and Other Incentives
03/11/2009 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Pleased with Making Home Affordable Plan
03/04/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Learn How to Improve FICO Score
03/04/2009 »REALTOR(R): Conditions Favor Buyers, Just Need Confidence
02/25/2009 »REALTOR(R): As January Existing-Home Sales and Median Price Fall, Favorable Time for Buyers
02/25/2009 »REALTOR(R): Bay Area Home Sales Up, Median Down to $300K
02/18/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Urge Quick Implementation of Stimulus Package
02/18/2009 »REALTOR(R): County Assessor tells REALTORS(R) to Warn Clients about Tax Reassessment Scams
02/11/2009 »REALTOR(R): Free Assistance with Household Tasks for Seniors
02/11/2009 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Provide Scholarships for Graduating Seniors
02/11/2009 »Key to Success is Remain Positive, Broker Tells Silicon Valley REALTORS(R)
02/04/2009 »REALTOR(R): Homeowners Still Gain Over the Long Term
02/04/2009 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Charitable Foundation Presented $63,000 in Grants in 2008
01/28/2009 »REALTOR(R): Over Long Term, Owning is Better than Renting
01/28/2009 »REALTOR(R): Real Estate Is a Solid Long-Term Investment
01/21/2009 »For Market to Rebound, REALTORS(R) Need to be Part of Solution
01/21/2009 »REALTOR(R): SILVAR Installs 2009 President, Board of Directors, Presents Appreciation Awards
01/14/2009 »REALTORS(R): Real Estate Still a Good Long-term Investment, Real Estate Expert Says
01/14/2009 »REALTOR(R): Increased home sales, declining home values, credit crunch impacted California housing market in 2008, according to C.A.R. Report
01/07/2009 »REALTOR(R): C.A.R. Reports Statewide Sales Up 83.2 percent; Median Home Price Down 41.8 percent in November
01/07/2009 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Encourage Green Practices
12/31/2008 »REALTOR(R): Foreclosure rescue scams and other financial crimes against the elderly on the rise, Santa Clara County Deputy D.A. says
12/31/2008 »Year of the Earth Ox: Prosperity through Endurance and Hard Work
12/24/2008 »Senior Group Residence Program Makes Miracles Happen for Seniors
12/24/2008 »REALTOR(R): Why Use a REALTOR(R)?
12/24/2008 »REALTOR(R): Put Your Home's Best Face Forward
12/17/2008 »Senior Group Residence Program Makes Miracles Happen for Seniors
12/17/2008 »REALTOR(R): Curb Appeal Matters Now More Than Ever, Say Realtors
12/17/2008 »REALTOR(R): It's a “Golden Age” for First-time Home Buyers
12/10/2008 »REALTOR(R): Silicon Valley REALTORS(R) Raise $25,000 for Housing Industry Foundation
12/10/2008 »REALTOR(R): Housing Recovery Will Lead to Economic Recovery
12/03/2008 »REALTOR(R): Homes Sales Up in California as Housing Becomes More Affordable
12/03/2008 »REALTOR(R): Real Estate and Community Important to School District, Says PAUSD Superintendent
12/03/2008 »REALTOR(R): Economists Share 2009 Forecast with REALTORS(R)
11/25/2008 »REALTOR(R): Entry-level Housing Affordability More than Doubles in Third Quarter
11/25/2008 »REALTOR(R): “New” Conforming Loan Limits Take Effect January 1, 2009
11/19/2008 »REALTOR(R): NAR Survey Shows Rise in First-Time Buyers
11/19/2008 »REALTOR(R): REALTORS(R) Urge Congress to Enact New Housing Stimulus Package
11/19/2008 »REALTOR(R): California Mortgage Default Filings Drop With New State Law
11/12/2008 »REALTOR®: REALTOR® Survey Shows Most Americans Still Value Homeownership, But Also Want More Government Involvement in Lending
11/12/2008 »REALTOR®: California Mortgage Default Filings Drop With New State Law
11/05/2008 »Local REALTOR® Association Official Speaks to Kiwanis Club of Los Altos
11/05/2008 »REALTOR®: Existing-home sales rise nationwide, according to NAR report
11/05/2008 »REALTOR®: Real Estate Consultant Sees Value in Silicon Valley Real Estate
11/05/2008 »REALTOR®: REALTORS® Celebrate Successful Education Campaign
10/29/2008 »Local REALTOR® Pumpkin Auction Raises $1,340 for Los Gatos Girl
10/29/2008 »REALTOR®: Existing-Home Sales Rise on Improved Affordability, according to NAR Report
10/29/2008 »REALTOR®: California Home Sales Up 96.7 Percent, While Median Home Price Down 40.9 Percent in September
10/22/2008 »Assembymember Ira Ruskin Speaks to REALTORS® about California Budget Woes
10/22/2008 »REALTOR®: Sales Should Rise 12.5 Percent, Median Price Will Decline More in 2009, According to C.A.R. Housing Market Forecast
10/22/2008 »REALTOR®:It’s a Buyer’s Market: Bay Area Home Sales Up 45% from Last Year, While Median Price Falls to $400K
10/15/2008 »REALTOR®: SV Leadership Group Promotes “Clean & Green” Energy Action Plan to local Realtors®
10/15/2008 »REALTOR®: C.A.R. President Meets Local Realtor Officials, Discusses Impact of Market Conditions on Industry
10/08/2008 »REALTOR®: Emergency Economic Stability Act will Help Homeowners, Borrowers
10/08/2008 »REALTOR®: Over 350 Real Estate Professionals Gather at Second Annual Bay Area Multicultural Real Estate Summit
10/01/2008 »REALTOR®: Real Estate Industry Has Become Fast-paced, Ever-changing
10/01/2008 »REALTOR®: Acterra Asks REALTORS® to Help Combat Global Warming
09/24/2008 »REALTOR®: NAR Pushes for Passage of Federal Plan to Help Financial Markets
09/24/2008 »REALTOR®: Home Buyers Say Real Estate Agent Provides More Useful Information than Internet, according to C.A.R. Survey
09/17/2008 »REALTOR®: San Jose Mercury’s McAllister Discusses Challenging Real Estate Market
09/17/2008 »REALTOR®: Safety Tips for Sellers at Open Houses
09/10/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Discuss Cultures
09/10/2008 »REALTOR®: New Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Status Could Calm Market and Improve Sales in Short-Term
09/03/2008 »REALTOR®: C.A.R. Reports Homes Sales Up
09/03/2008 »REALTOR®: Land an Asset in Silicon Valley, Real Estate Expert Says
08/27/2008 »REALTOR®: NAR Survey Shows Home Buyers Responding to Lower Metro Price
08/27/2008 »REALTOR®: California Home Sales Increase 43.4 Percent
08/20/2008 »REALTOR®: REALTORS® Offer Safety Tips
08/20/2008 »REALTOR®: Entry-level Housing Now More Affordable in the State
08/13/2008 »REALTORS®: Housing and Economic Recovery Act will Boost Market
08/13/2008 »REALTORS®: Be Alert to Changes in Lending Market and Communicate, Panel Advises
08/06/2008 »REALTOR®: There is Value in Using a REALTOR®
08/06/2008 »REALTORS®: New Housing and Economic Recovery Act Will Boost Housing Market
07/30/2008 »REALTOR®: California Home Sales Activity Up, Good Time for Buyers
07/30/2008 »REALTOR®: Bay Area Median Price Below $500K in June, Sales Activity Up
07/23/2008 »REALTOR®: Foreclosure Relief Law Will Help Borrowers, Renters, Communities
07/23/2008 »REALTOR®: Santa Clara Assessor says Silicon Valley Market “Always Rebounds”
07/16/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors® Celebrate 100 Years of Bringing America Home
07/16/2008 »REALTOR®: DRE Focusing on Community Outreach
07/09/2008 »REALTOR®: Pending Home Sales Index Down in May
07/09/2008 »REALTOR®: Positive Trends in Housing Market in First Half of 2008
07/02/2008 »REALTOR®: May Shows Modest Gain in Home Sales Nationwide
06/25/2008 »REALTOR®: REALTORS Present $4,000 in Grants at Palo Alto meeting
06/25/2008 »REALTOR®: California Home Sales Up 18 percent, as Median Prices Fall 35.3 Percent in May
06/18/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Say Permanent Loan Limit Increase Would be Good for Homeownership
06/18/2008 »REALTOR®: Bay Area Realtors to Gather for Second Annual Bay Area Multicultural Real Estate Summit Slated for Sept. 26
06/11/2008 »REALTOR®: Silicon Valley Realtors Charitable Foundation Presents 18 Scholarship Awards
06/11/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Take Their Issues to the State Capitol
06/04/2008 »REALTOR®: Real Estate Drives Education and Vice Versa
06/04/2008 »REALTOR®: June is National Homeownership Month
05/28/2008 »REALTOR®: California’s April Home Sales Were Up 2.5 percent, Median Home Price Fell 32 percent
05/28/2008 »REALTOR®: Entry-level Housing Affordability Improves in California
05/21/2008 »REALTOR®: NAR Projects Housing Market Will Pick Up in Second Half of 2008
05/21/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Raising Level of Professionalism, according to NAR Survey
05/14/2008 »REALTORS®: Realtors Learn about Foreclosures
05/14/2008 »REALTOR®: Manage Your Credit Score to Maximize Your Buying Power
05/07/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Give Back to Their Communities through Realtor Service Volunteer Program
05/07/2008 »REALTOR®: Existing-home Sales Slip in March
04/30/2008 »REALTOR®: State’s Home Sales Down 24.5 Percent, Median Home Price Down 29 Percent in March
04/30/2008 »REALTOR®: Foreclosure Activity Up, but Micro-markets Continue to Do Well
04/23/2008 »REALTOR®: FHA Loans Can be Viable Option in Today’s Market
04/16/2008 »REALTOR®: Year of Rat, One for Building Relationships, Chinese Astrologer Tells Realtors
04/16/2008 »REALTOR®: Troubled Homeowners Need to be Aware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams
04/09/2008 »REALTOR®: Silicon Valley Housing Market in Enviable Position, C.A.R. Economist tells Realtors
04/09/2008 »REALTOR®: Second-home Sales Accounted for One-third of 2007 Transactions
04/02/2008 »Good schools attracting families to Saratoga, mayor tells Realtors
04/02/2008 »REALTOR®: April is Fair Housing Month
03/26/2008 »REALTOR®: NAR Reports Existing Sales Were Up Nationwide in February
03/26/2008 »REALTOR®: County Assessor Tells Realtors Subprime Problem Not Too Serious in Silicon Valley
03/19/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Lend Advice on Avoiding Foreclosure
03/19/2008 »REALTOR®: Just how important is location?
03/12/2008 »REALTOR®: Housing Affordability Index Up
03/12/2008 »REALTOR®: NAR Sees Gradual Recovery Later In the Year
03/05/2008 »REALTOR®: Conforming Loans Will Happen, But Not Overnight
03/05/2008 »REALTOR®: California Home Sales Down 29.8 Percent, Median Home Price Falls 21.9 Percent
02/27/2008 »REALTOR®: It’s a Good Time to Buy a Home in the Bay Area
02/20/2008 »REALTOR®: Opportunities Available for First-time Homebuyers, CalHFA Official Tells Real Estate Agents
02/20/2008 »REALTOR®: DRE Increases Community Outreach to Help Troubled Homeowners
02/13/2008 »REALTOR®: NAR projects existing-home sales will begin upward trend mid-year
02/13/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Hail Passage of Economic Stimulus Package
02/06/2008 »REALTOR®: Statewide Home Sales Down 33.4 Percent, Median Home Price Falls 16.5 Percent
02/06/2008 »REALTOR®: Silicon Valley Economy Strong, but Concerns Need to be Addressed, Leadership Group Official tells Palo Alto Realtors
01/30/2008 »REALTOR®: House Stimulus Package Would Help California Homeowners
01/23/2008 »REALTOR®: California Foreclosure Activity Still Rising
01/23/2008 »REALTOR®: Santa Clara County Median Home Price Sees Slight Decline
01/16/2008 »REALTOR®: Can’t “unring the bell” of Subprime Loan Crisis, Simitian tells Realtors
01/16/2008 »REALTOR®: Realtors Offer Homeowners Safety Information for Short-term Power Outages
01/09/2008 »REALTORS®: Bill will Provide Debt Relief for Homeowners
01/09/2008 »REALTOR®: National Association of REALTORS® Expects Stable Existing-home Sales in Early 2008, then Gradual Rise
01/02/2008 »REALTOR®: Freddie Mac Warns Borrowers about Foreclosure Fraud Schemes
01/02/2008 »REALTOR®: Information Available for Homeowners Whose Lenders Have Closed or Gone Bankrupt
12/26/2007 »REALTOR®: Local Realtor Officials Assess Silicon Valley’s Housing Market Potential
12/26/2007 »REALTOR®: November Home Prices in Bay Area a Mixed Bag
12/19/2007 »REALTOR®: Statewide Sales Decrease 40.2 percent, Median Home Price Falls 9.9 Percent
12/19/2007 »REALTOR®: Survey Shows Americans Believe Buying a Home Still Good Decision
12/12/2007 »Realtors are Ambassadors for the Schools, according to Menlo-Atherton High School Principal
12/12/2007 »REALTOR®: Sales are Out There, Realtors Just Need to Focus, Get Information to Buyers
12/12/2007 »REALTOR®: California Entry-level Housing Affordability at 24 Percent
12/05/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors Offer Tips to Weatherproof Your Home
12/05/2007 »REALTOR®: California’s Conforming Loan Limits Unchanged for 2008
11/28/2007 »REALTOR®: SILVAR Realtors Raise over $76,000 for Homeless Program
11/28/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors Convene in Record Numbers, Aim to Improve Market Confidence
11/21/2007 »REALTOR®: SFPUC Officials Help Realtors Educate Clients on Hetch Hetchy Right of Way
11/21/2007 »REALTOR®: NAR Survey Shows Americans Believe Buying a Home Still a Good Financial Decision
11/14/2007 »REALTOR®: Six Steps to Avoid Foreclosure
11/07/2007 »REALTOR®: DRE Commissioner Jeff Davi Predicts Number of Real Estate Agents will Drop
11/07/2007 »REALTOR®: Review Earthquake Safety Measures
10/31/2007 »REALTOR®: Real Estate is Cyclical, California Will Turn Around, Experts Say
10/31/2007 »REALTOR®: Experts Believe Spike in Foreclosures Will Not Signal Recession
10/24/2007 »REALTOR®: Bay Area Home Sales Drop Amid mortgage Woes, but Silicon Valley Still in Enviable Position
10/24/2007 »REALTOR®: Disclosure of Private Transfer Taxes Will Protect Home Buyers
10/17/2007 »REALTOR®: Just How Important is Location?
10/17/2007 »REALTOR®: REALTOR® 2.0: The Next Big Thing
10/10/2007 »REALTOR®: House Passes Mortgage Cancellation Tax Relief Act
10/10/2007 »REALTOR®: 2008 California Housing Market Forecast: Statewide median price will decline, sales will stabilize
10/03/2007 »REALTOR®: C.A.R. Reports Decline in Statewide Sales in August, but Market Remains Strong in Silicon Valley area
09/26/2007 »REALTOR®: Foreclosure Re-sales Not Yet Affecting Home Prices
09/26/2007 »REALTOR®: Cooling Market, but Silicon Valley Alive and Well
09/19/2007 »REALTOR®: FHA Changes would make housing more affordable in California
09/12/2007 »REALTOR®: Silicon Valley Market Doing Well
09/12/2007 »REALTOR®: NAR Buyers’ Survey shows homebuyers keen on oversized garages
09/05/2007 »REALTOR®: Silicon Valley Realtors Offer Safety Tips for Homeowners
09/05/2007 »REALTOR®: Six Steps to Avoid Foreclosure
08/29/2007 »REALTOR®: Cooling Period Doesn’t Signal Bubble Burst in Silicon Valley, Says County Assessor
08/29/2007 »REALTOR®: Filipino American Realtors raise $31,000 for homeless abroad
08/29/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors and clients need to practice safety at open houses
08/15/2007 »REALTOR®: Practice safety in your office
08/15/2007 »REALTOR®: Chinese American Real Estate Association installs 2007-2008 officers and board members
08/08/2007 »REALTOR®: June Pending Home Sales Index shows improvement in housing market around the nation
08/08/2007 »REALTOR®: Santa Clara County D.A. asks Realtors to be aware and report suspicious incidents quickly
08/01/2007 »REALTOR®: C.A.R. reports June home sales decrease 24.7 percent, median home price continues to rise
08/01/2007 »REALTOR®: California foreclosure activity continues to rise
07/25/2007 »REALTOR®: Silicon Valley Realtors prepare for Housing Industry Foundation benefit
07/25/2007 »REALTOR®: Bay Area home sales still slow, prices up
07/18/2007 »REALTOR®: Pending home sales are up in West and Northeast
07/18/2007 »REALTOR®: Home prices nationwide expected to recover in 2008 as inventories decline
07/11/2007 »Los Gatos Mayor Sees Realtors as Partners in Enhancing Los Gatos Community
07/11/2007 »Silicon Valley Realtors congratulate Filipino American real estate group’s 2007-2008 officers and directors
07/11/2007 »REALTOR®: C.A.R. foresees 14 percent sales decline and modest median home price increase for 2007
07/04/2007 »REALTOR®: May existing-home sales show soft real estate market nationwide
07/04/2007 »REALTOR®: C.A.R. president takes Realtors into the future
06/27/2007 »REALTOR®: California sales down 25 percent in May, while median price continues to rise from a year ago
06/27/2007 »REALTOR®: Palo Alto youth are winners in Realtors’ essay contest
06/20/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors celebrate National Homeownership Month
06/20/2007 »REALTOR®: 18 Graduating Seniors Receive Silicon Valley REALTORS® Charitable Foundation Scholarship Awards
06/13/2007 »REALTOR®: Legislative Day brings Realtors to Sacramento
06/13/2007 »REALTOR®: Santa Clara County’s April home sales down, but median home price still on the rise
06/06/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors reach out to other cultures
06/06/2007 »REALTOR®: SILVAR Realtors present $5,000 in grants at Palo Alto Realtor tour meeting
05/30/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors advice first-time homebuyers to set goals and parameters when searching for a home
05/30/2007 »REALTOR®: Drop in April existing-home sales nationwide affected by tighter lending standards
05/23/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtor Charitable Foundation presents nearly $10,000 in grants in May
05/23/2007 »REALTOR®: Entry-level housing affordability drops slightly in Santa Clara County
05/16/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors offer more advice to keep families in their homes
05/16/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors give back to seniors in their communities
05/09/2007 »REALTOR®: Foreclosure activity up, but Silicon Valley property values continue to rise
05/09/2007 »REALTOR®: California home sales decrease 20.8 percent in March
05/02/2007 »REALTOR®: Emerging markets will impact real estate industry
05/02/2007 »REALTOR®: Silicon Valley Realtor group earns green business certification
04/25/2007 »REALTOR®: Disclosure - great for seller, buyer and real estate professional
04/25/2007 »REALTOR®: A preparedness checklist for home sellers
04/18/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors reaffirm pledge to every American's fair housing right
04/18/2007 »REALTOR®: Study shows Californians expect major earthquake, but not many are prepared
04/11/2007 »REALTOR®: St. Joseph, patron saint of home sellers?
04/11/2007 »REALTOR®: C.A.R. president sees challenges and opportunities ahead for real estate
04/04/2007 »REALTOR®: Advice and help line available for homeowners who might be falling behind on payments
04/04/2007 »REALTOR®: Bay Area doing well in home sales and appreciation compared to rest of the state
03/28/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtor service program for seniors extends from SF Peninsula to all of Santa Clara County
03/28/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors help families maintain homeownership
03/21/2007 »REALTOR®: 10 helpful tips to take the trauma out of buying a home
03/21/2007 »REALTOR®: Real estate still path to wealth in San Francisco region, according to real estate expert
03/14/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors learn about green aspects of architecture
03/14/2007 »REALTOR®: Realtors help home buyers find the right home and mortgage
03/07/2007 »REALTOR®: Second home sales in California see some decline
03/07/2007 »REALTOR®: Santa Clara County home sales on the rise even as nation’s pending sales decline
02/28/2007 »REALTOR®: Affordability still a concern
02/28/2007 »Housing market study shows 2006 trends in buyers and sellers
02/21/2007 »Changing demographics are altering California’s housing market landscape
02/21/2007 »Santa Clara County home prices continue to edge upward
02/14/2007 »RSVP program offers help with household tasks
02/14/2007 »Number of real estate licensees continues to rise despite market transition
02/08/2007 »Bubble is not bursting in housing market, Realtor official says
01/24/2007 »Home sales projected to rise gradually this year
01/24/2007 »As conditions stabilize, 2007 looks like a balanced year for Bay Area housing, SILVAR CEO tells FAREPA agents
01/17/2007 »Pending home sales ease, signal housing market is stabilizing
01/17/2007 »Learn warning signs associated with predatory lending
01/10/2007 »Common problems associated with predatory lending
01/03/2007 »November existing-home sales increase nationwide
01/03/2007 »Realtors express concern over increase in foreclosure rates
12/27/2006 »November median home price held steady in Santa Clara County
12/27/2006 »Foreclosure activity on the rise, but still in normal range
12/21/2006 »Survey indicates Realtors investing in heavy technology
12/12/2006 »Luxury Home Values Hit Record Highs in Three California Markets
12/05/2006 »Consumers still see housing as strong investment, according to new poll
11/29/2006 »Housing Affordability Improves Slightly from Last Quarter
11/29/2006 »Realtor Officials Warn Consumers Not to Fall Prey to Predatory Lenders
11/27/2006 »C.A.R. sees no downward spiral in 2007 housing market
11/22/2006 »October Bay Area Sales Edge Upward
11/15/2006 »Buy Now While Conditions Remain Favorable, NAR Advises
11/09/2006 »Survey Shows Sellers Value Experience, Trust, Integrity In a Realtor
11/02/2006 »Bay Area Market Doing Well
11/01/2006 »Seismic Hazard Maps are Now Online
10/25/2006 »C.A.R. Forecasts Cooling Home Sales, Modest Price Decrease in 2007
10/25/2006 »Homeowners: Be Aware of Pet Liabilities
10/18/2006 »Baby Boomers’ Changing Housing Needs Make Them Driving Force in Housing Market
10/11/2006 »Pending Home Sales Index Up, Shows Market is Stabilizing
10/01/2006 »REALTOR®: New California Law Enhances Licensing Requirements in Real Estate Industry
10/01/2006 »REALTOR®: Homeowners Need to be Careful about Hiring Unlicensed Contractors

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